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Our Services

We Cut Hedges, Not Corners


Get the job done beautifully

We don’t just believe in restoration, we believe in full on beautification. Residential, public, HOA, and commercial clients can select from a suite of services tailored to their property needs, including an on-going subscription of lawn care services.

Our Expertise

By combining business, beauty, and botany our goal is to make your home, your business, your community, and our world one great place.


Keep your lawn a maintained, even, and well groomed with our standard mowing services.

Lawn & Bed Maintenance

Protect the health and beauty of your property all the way down to the soil.

Landscaping Services (Installation)

Maintain a well groomed, beautiful lawn whether it's a small private residence or a multi-acre compound.

Lawn Fertilization for Pest, Weed

All lawns need nutrients to survive and sometimes they need a little help to get them. We can design several different programs to help your lawn grow to its fullest potential.

Tree, Plant, and Bush Trimming

Keep your trees and bushes trimmed and add to the aesthetic of your property with our expert hedging.

Leaf Removal

Prevent the changing of seasons from affecting the beauty of your lawn by adding leaf removal services to your beautification package.

Weed Control

Eliminate the rogue plants that overtake even the most beautiful and well groomed of lawns.

Lawn Fertilization for Growth and Nutrition

Maintain the health and longevity of your lawn with our fertilization process geared at producing optimal lushness.

Custom Lawn Care

Tailor make your perfect lawn care package and take care of everything from your grass and gardens to your trees and hedges.

Sidewalk and Driveway Edging

Edging walkways, driveways and curbs will give your yard a neat, clean look that neighbors or businesses will envy.

Flower Bed Maintenance

Enjoy soil cultivation, weed control, and maintain your eye-catching flower beds.

Mulch & Decorative Rock Installation

Make walking through your property a visual experience by adding beautiful mulch and decorative rocks to your grounds.

Wooden Privacy Fences

We've been know to build new wooden fences to keep your fury friends safe and in the back yard. Keep your home looking great by refreshing your fence.

Want One Great Lawn?

Our expertise allows us to seamlessly cater to your landscaping needs regardless of shape or size.